For me, becoming a long-term member of such a close-knit theatre community has been one of the best and most formative experiences of my life. Simply put: I met more wonderful people, created more lasting friendships, and learned more about theatre at YCTC/ASCTC than anywhere else. Those people and those experiences are always with me.

-Francis Whitesell, camper & counselor 2006-2012

Have you become too… “time-honor’d” to attend the ASC Theatre Camp as a camper? Do you nonetheless find yourself missing the dewy streets of Staunton, the aching calves earned on the hike to Deming, or the flickering magic of the Blackfriars Playhouse stage illuminated by the glowing eyes of exhaustion during midnight dress rehearsals?

We’ve got a cure for those “missing my camp days” blues: join our new camp alumni group, the ASC Old Timers’ Society, or ASCOTS.