General Info and FAQ

What’s an ascot?

It’s a fancy kind of tie. It looks like this:font-b-mens-b-font-silk-font-b-scarves-b-font-9-color-printed-party

What does that very snazzy-looking neck decoration have to do with the ASC Theatre Camp?

I’m glad you asked. An “ascot” (also called a “cravat”) is the fancy tie pictured above, but an “ASCOT” is a member of the ASC Old Timers’ Society, the newly formed alumni group for former attendees of the ASC Theatre Camp.

What are the requirements for ASCOTS membership?

In order to be an ASCOT, you must a) have attended the ASC Theatre Camp in any of its iterations (this includes all YCTC campers) and b) have grown too old – too “time-honor’d” – to continue attending camp.

So… I never actually attended camp, as in as a camper… but I worked as a counselor/show director/intern! Can I be in the ASCOTS, too?

Yes. Yes you can.

Hold up. That seems contradictory when you take into account the requirements you laid out above with the whole a) attending camp and b) can’t attend camp anymore stuff. What gives?

I’m gonna let Ben Curns answer this one. For those of you who do not know Curns, he has been an actor for the American Shakespeare Center’s resident, touring, and Renaissance troupes. He has also directed several shows for camp. He never attended camp as a camper, but why don’t you think about whether he qualifies as an ASCOT after you read what he has to say:

The summer of 2006 was a damn hard one. Thank goodness for that 2 Henry IV. Those young actors may never know how much I needed that…then again…they’re all really pretty sharp…maybe they do.

Campers aren’t the only ones profoundly affected by the experience of the ASC Theatre Camp. The ASCOTS is held together by its members’ shared bond of having that experience, not by their status as “camper” or “staff” and not by whether they attended “ASCTC” or “YCTC.” And that is the answer to that question. It has nothing to do with the fact that otherwise, neither Lia nor Adrienne would get to be members of the ASCOTS and that would suck for us.

In that case, how come current campers can’t be in the ASCOTS? They’ve been to camp before, which makes them alumni. How come they have to wait until they’re too old to be campers in order to join the ASCOTS?

Because the world isn’t fair. But, if you’re patient, you will be inducted into the ASCOTS society at the end of your final summer. You’ll even get a shirt! Look at these awesome shirts:


Um, yes, that is the sweetest shirt I have ever seen. I’m already an ASCOT and I want one. How do I get it?

Funny you should ask. You can buy this astonishingly amazing ASCOTS shirt using the ASCOTS Purchase Form.

Do the ASCOTS do anything besides wear awesome shirts and be really, really, really ridiculously good looking?

What another excellent question! You’re so smart. Yes, the ASCOTS do in fact do more than bask in the glow of their own excellence. Occasionally, they ASSEMBLE! The first official ASCOTS Assembly will take place this very summer.


Activate the anterior avatar, appellated as “Admission Acquisition”, and affirm your attendance at the ASCOTS Assembly, August 11-13. Admission available to all ASCOTS until attendance achieves the allotted abundance.

Had you acted with alacrity and affirmed your attendance ahead of April 1, you would have accessed a $50 Anticipatory Airborne ASCOT Admission Abatement Award!* 

*AKA Early Bird Discount. Get it?!?!! Too bad, you missed it anyway.