Applying for Admission to the ASC Theatre Camp

What is the difference between applying for camp and registering for camp?
Attendance at ASC Theatre Camp is by admission only. We don’t have a regular registration or enrollment form process for parents to fill out in order to sign campers up. Instead, we have a camper application – which needs to be filled out by the applicant him or herself – in order to gain admission. Applications are free to fill out, and neither obligate you to attend nor secure you a spot at camp.

Accepted applicants are then invited to register using a personalized form. Registration requires a non-refundable tuition deposit of $150 to hold the camper’s spot. Families can choose to pay tuition in full at the time of registration, or set up a payment plan with interest-free installments to pay off the balance. More information about payment options and financial aid opportunities can be found here.

Why force campers to go through an admissions process? Isn’t this a summer camp?
The application process is not strenuous or fiercely competitive (this isn’t Yale), but it is an important part of the camp process. ASCTC isn’t for everyone, and the application helps us to ensure that all accepted campers are up to the challenges of camp (being away from home for three weeks, previewing the college life by living in a dorm and being in charge of your own schedule, not to mention the academic and emotional demands of attending a college-level load of classes and rehearsals).

Furthermore, completing the application provides the camper with valuable practice at the craft of “applying” itself – our application is modeled on the Common App (used for most college admissions) and often serves as valuable practice for that high-stakes submission in a lower-stakes setting.

Finally, the application provides us with valuable information about each camper’s writing style, sense of humor, likes and dislikes, experience level, etc. without actually asking any of those questions.