The pages in this section are all about unified auditions, held on the first Monday of each camp session. Prep for your audition with the same tools our actors use during table work: scansion, rhetoric, and word-for-word paraphrasing

Are there auditions for the plays?
Yes, we do indeed conduct auditions on the first full day of camp. Auditions are a combination of traditional monologue performance and collaborative improvisational techniques which simply require a willingness to play and creative choices in the moment. All administrative staff, show directors, RDAs, and production interns are present for these auditions. Staff sits down to hammer out casting immediately afterwards, while campers take their introductory voice and movement workshop. We usually post cast lists and distribute scripts before dinner that same day, so campers can begin familiarizing themselves with their parts before the first rehearsal.

I felt a lot better about the audition than I was expecting to — I thought I would be terrible, and then I wasn’t! Part of it was probably the collaborative, more personal nature, rather than just “stand in a line, say your piece, and shut up.” – 2016 Camper

Will I be cast in one show or all three?
Each ASC Theatre Camp participant is cast in only one of the three shows we have slated for each Session. You might receive one role or several depending on the demands of the play.