Get a good night’s sleep after arrival and orientation day, because first thing in the morning of your first full day of camp, we have auditions! You will strut your stuff for the audition committee in the morning, and cast lists should be posted before dinner that same day. We will also use the information from these forms and in the audition room to begin making casting decisions for the mid-session Showcase performance.

Click here for the Session 1 Audition Form

Click here for the Session 2 Audition Form

All campers must prepare a 10-15 line monologue from an early modern play for their individual monologue audition slot.

  • 10-15 lines means 10-15 lines.
  • Is your piece 8 lines long? Find a new one.
  • Is it 20 lines long? Cut it down, or find a new one.
  • I am happy to recommend cuts if you want to do part of a longer piece – just email me!
  • “Early Modern” does not mean “Shakespeare” – you are more than welcome to perform pieces from plays written by Shakespeare’s contemporary playwrights (e.g. Christopher Marlowe, Ben Johnson, Thomas Middleton, Francis Beaumont, John Fletcher, Philip Massinger, etc)

Not sure where to start? Check out Shakespeare’s Monologues, an excellent resource for finding the perfect Shakespearean monologue for you.

Please review the Audition Prep guidelines before arriving at camp.

The auditions contain several sections and multiple chances for campers to display their various skills. including both ensemble work and individual performance.

Auditions are also a group experience. Some of you may be seasoned auditioning veterans; others may be experiencing them for the first time. Shakespeare wrote his plays for a company of actors, not a single spotlight-stealer. We will be watching not only how you work and perform, but how you work and perform collaboratively with your fellow artists, and you better believe that we’ll be taking everything into account when making casting decisions.